Positively Kick Ass

Calling Kelley Coyne Campoli!

I've been way belated getting back to you, but you're much on my mind. Very early this morning I was awake when I shouldn't have been, paging through some old links that have made me happy in the past, and this one still makes me laugh like a bad bear or a seductive chicken. Like a seductive chicken once made me laugh, I mean. No one has told me (yet) that I laugh like a seductive chicken. But a girl can dream.

For you, my friend, and for anyone else in need of a dose of silliness:


Ack! Can't seem to make that a link with my mobile app, so I'm adding a bonus to compensate, one amazing result of a "seductive chicken" image search. The NY Times got in trouble with PETA for this one. "Too sexy!" cried the animal lovers, and they were right.