Occasional Log of Everyday Angels

Kindnesses abound!

Many shout outs long overdue, and "coverage" is spotty at best, but here are some folks who've lightened my load and/or dosed me with joy in recent weeks. I'll be adding more soon:

Hair (and the lack thereof) is a big deal, especially if you're losing it for the third damn time. I finally had to go full commando* but in the meantime,

Bri at the new Bishop's in Multnomah Village (really nice open space and mellow feel) made that whole transition much less traumatic than it would otherwise have been. She worked the Zippy tuft I had (and eventually lost) like a mistress topiarist, layered dark blue and violet into it, made me and many others laugh, made my purple-loving niece very happy.


Melissa at Peachtree Gifts. There's a reason it feels good to walk into that shop, and it's the open heart of the woman who owns it. Thank you, Melissa, for your unflinching welcome.

It's always a delight to see Winston's mom, Kate Stone (Braun now?), and to hear of that sweet, snuffly dude coming into full possession of his confidence and great charm, thanks to her faith and patience and that of his "dad," Peter Braun.

Do Paul and Marguerite Clithero know how their tales of Derby and other canine rebels (not to mention Paul's musical suggestions and Marguerite's storytelling) have sustained and delighted me over the months that they have been steadily checking in and dosing me with badly needed laughs and jolts of courage? Well they should! As with Kate and Peter, patience - and a secret delight in bad behavior - have made them great nurturers of a splendidly self-directed dog.

* I'm looking forward to trying out that macho ritual of the straight razor shave, which in Portland seems always to include whiskey... which is yet another perfect demonstration of how our dearly departed town lives its clichés irresistibly and with gusto.

Bellissimi, tutti!


Some people I love about Kaiser Northwest

This is a long list I'll be adding many names to):

the superb *and* fun technicians in radiation oncology: Matt, Danielle, Cindy, J.T.

Excellent nurses and receptionists in RO, including Judy and Janet.

The gimpy but valiant Dr. Chris Hoffelt, a true collaborator in the care of individual (not to say willfully contrary) patients.

Christine Brown and Susan Woodrun, nurse navigators of great vision, compassion, and humor.

Linda and Marcela, with minds sharp as tacks and smiles warm as full-on embraces. Thank you especially for letting Peter flirt with you so shamelessly. But that's probably not too painful an ask, eh? His charms are almost your match!

Belli tutti! Grazie!