Occasional Log of Everyday Angels

Some people I love about Kaiser Northwest

This is a long list I'll be adding many names to):

the superb *and* fun technicians in radiation oncology: Matt, Danielle, Cindy, J.T.

Excellent nurses and receptionists in RO, including Judy and Janet.

The gimpy but valiant Dr. Chris Hoffelt, a true collaborator in the care of individual (not to say willfully contrary) patients.

Christine Brown and Susan Woodrun, nurse navigators of great vision, compassion, and humor.

Linda and Marcela, with minds sharp as tacks and smiles warm as full-on embraces. Thank you especially for letting Peter flirt with you so shamelessly. But that's probably not too painful an ask, eh? His charms are almost your match!

Belli tutti! Grazie!