Positively Kick Ass

Give someone else a lift

It's the only thing that worked to mend my spirits today when I crashed hard from Tuesday's treatment (and steroid accompaniment). Teach a man to fish and he'll never go hungry. Teach a woman to use a glue stick and she'll never go entirely mad.

A fairy tale life...

A fairy tale life...

Looking good, Brad! But you've got nothing on Doogie... 


And no, I'm not on drugs. Not today. That seems to be the problem.

Five rounds of Taxol down, seven to go. 


p.s. A lot of the credit (or blame) for inspiring my foray onto the fertile ground of collage (where grotesques grow as rampantly as Himalayan blackberry does here in Portland) goes to my friend W. Davies King, who practices the fine and rigorous art of bibliolage. It must be seen to be believed: www.williamdaviesking.com